Alcoholics Anonymous: Panel Discussion at Enumclaw Senior Center Feb. 21

Professionals and anyone who is concerned for a friend or family member or is simply interested in the subject is invited to the event on Thursday.

Four speakers will discuss how, as older adults, Alcoholics Anonymous has helped them face their addictions and assisted in their sobriety during at the Enumclaw Senior Center, and the community is invited to attend.

“Alcoholism in the senior population is under-recognized, under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed and under-treated.  It is a growing public health problem worldwide.  Overall, alcohol dependence ranks among the top 3 psychiatric disorders in the U.S..  It is the 4th leading cause of disability in this country affecting one in thirteen Americans.

“The over 65 population in the U.S. was 12% in 2000 and is expected to reach 20% in 2050.  Healthy aging includes freedom from alcohol misuse.  For the 10% of the senior population suffering from the disease of alcoholism or at high risk of developing the disease, total abstinence from alcohol has been a proven remedy.

“Sensitivity to the effects of alcohol increases with age.  The blood alcohol concentration is greater because of  an age related decrease in total body water. …. Therefore, an elderly person can experience increasing difficulties even though his or her drinking pattern remains unchanged.

“Falls constitute the largest single cause of injury mortality in elderly individuals.  40% of all nursing home admissions are the result of falls.  The incidence of hip fractures in the elderly increases with alcohol consumption.”    


This AA: Senior Panel will be one of the first offered in Washington State to specifically target the issue of seniors and sobriety and is endorsed by Alcoholics Anonymous – Washington State Chapter.

Editor's Note: Information provided by Senior Center Manager Jobyna Nickum.



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