Has Your Group Been in Enumclaw Long? Share Your History at Centennial Celebration

Those interested are invited to an Oct. 23 meeting to review plans to install a history-focused exhibition at the Expo Center allowing local groups to showcase their respective histories over the course of Enumclaw's history.

The city of Enumclaw is holding a public meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23 to get the ball rolling on the city's centennial celebration next year.

Plans are underway for a history-focused exhibition at the Expo Center in January where local groups and organizations can showcase their respective histories here in Enumclaw. Now it's a matter of finding the people who want to work on the project and making it happen.

This exhibition is one of two parts to a January 27 celebration - the date is significant as the city was first incorporated on Jan. 27, 1913. A Centennial dinner is also planned where a Legacy Project is to be announced.

Read more about all the centennial festivities in the works.

The meeting takes place at 3:30 p.m. in the administration conference room at City Hall. For more information or to get your organization involved, contact Damazio at kdamazio@ci.enumclaw.wa.us or 360-615-5631.


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