Your Photos: 'Tis the Season for Santa Tantrums

The build-up to get dressed up and meet Santa is a big one for a lot of little ones -- sometimes it's just a little overwhelming.

While many grown-ups enter turbo mode in December, preparing for holiday parties, presents and food -- it's really about one thing for our little ones: Santa!

But the prospect of finally meeting the big guy after a whole year of being good is just a little overwhelming for some tykes.

We here at Patch understand, and we want to celebrate your little ones anyway in what we hope will be a fun, light-hearted project we call 'Santa Tantrums.'

Have a photo of your little one having a meltdown after finally getting to sit on Santa's lap? Add it to our collection here on this story file. Or email your photo to me, April Chan at april.chan@patch.com with your name and a little background on the photo you submit (where you met Santa, was it their first time, etc.), and I'll add it to our collection.

In fact, we know you've got Santa pictures this year as there have been events in town in the last few weeks in which local photographers including Heather Boren Photography and the  have provided such shots.

If your child is now a too-cool-for-you teen (or older!) but you have an awfully cute picture of them with Santa years ago, we think vintage shots are awesome too!

While the 'tantrums' are what we hope will make this fun, that's not to say you can't submit proper photos with Santa as well. In fact, it seems a little hypocritical for me to ask for your photos without contributing one of my own. Among the photos that accompany this story is one of my 5-month-old baby boy Milo, sizing up the Santa at the Auburn Supermall ahead of his very first Christmas.

Too young for a tantrum this year...but maybe next year?

Klondiko December 17, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Please don't drive drunk.


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