Bites Nearby: The Melting Pot

If you are looking for a destination spot to create a truly memorable dining experience, then the Melting Pot is just a hop, skip and dip away.

Once a month there is a peculiar stirring in the air, one that calls for immediate action to take place with certain members of my social sphere.  We like to call this gathering the Project Safety Meeting; others may know it better as happy hour. 

This June’s our meeting took place at The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant in downtown Tacoma.  The Melting Pot, with its casual and pleasurable atmosphere, is the perfect spot to meet friends, imbibe some cocktails and, of course, dip into their sinfully delicious and gooey fondues.

What’s nice about this restaurant is the experience that is created within the walls. Here, fondue does not have to be complicated and exquisite; it can just be casually enjoyed whether in a four-course event or one fondue at a time. 

Our first two creative culinary endeavors were the Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue and the Fiesta Cheese Fondue. The Wisconsin Trio was a cheese lover’s dream made with Fontina, Buttermilk Bleu and Butterkase cheeses and lovingly stirred and swirled with scallions, white wine and a wee bit of sherry. The Fiesta was a lager beer-based fondue made with cheddar cheese and spicy jalapeno peppers. It can best be described as hot cheese madness … you create the hot!

Even though the fondues come with lightly blanched vegetables, apples and fresh-cut breads, the Dining Diva casually suggested a large ladle but was politely declined with a wink and a smile.

Since indulgence in wine and cheese was going smashingly, we knew we were not done conquering the happiness of our happy hour … er, meeting, without dipping into the Pure Dark Chocolate Fondue. The Melting Pot claims it as the ultimate finale and that it is. There was a moment where I was tempted to re-create the "When Harry Met Sally" moment in the diner but better judgment reared its ugly head again.

As a lover of the combination of wine and dark chocolate, there is only one word to describe the warm melted sweet decadence that floated easily around my mouth and to my welcoming tummy: divine.

Overall, The Melting Pot should be a place to experience at least once.  Granted, it may not be that close to Enumclaw but when you look at it, the only other two locations are in Seattle and Bellevue.  I can guarantee you that T-Town will lovingly welcome you into its arms for entertainment and dining.

For more information, check out their website at www.meltingpot.com. Be sure to look into their individual entrée selections which are enticing to say the least. One more note: prices are reasonable if you are looking at just one fondue and some drinks, but it can be a bit pricey as each selection adds up so make sure your pocketbook is ready.

Until next time, I hope to fondue at the Melting Pot!


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