Cool Finds in Enumclaw: 1850s Martin Guitar Coffin Case

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It's an unassuming black box currently on display inside Enumclaw Music and if you didn't know any better, you might think it was a old violin case.

But Cathy Bozich, who owns the local music store with husband David, points out it's actually something quite unique.

The wooden box, which is painted black is known as a 'coffin case' made specifically for C.F. Martin guitars. They were smaller 150 years ago. Bozich said she came across it when someone in the community brought it into the music store for consignment.

The box is dated from the 1850s and measures just under 38 inches long. The interior is lined mostly with felt. While the box is neat on its own, "if it could be matched up with someone who has an old Martin like this, it'd be pretty special," Bozich said.

If you'd like to contact Bozich about the item, call the store at 360-825-1191 for more information or visit them at 1515 Cole Street in Enumclaw.



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