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After learning I live less than a mile from a location on the White River where several young people, while camping had "experiences" that made no sense to them, I've been curious about Bigfoot. Some research on the matter pointed out there were several other crazy people over the years who have had "unusual experiences" along the White River. Further, the area around Greenwater seems to be a "hotbed" of such experiences. I personally am not willing to think ALL those with odd experiences, or, yes, sightings, were drinking funny lemonade. Nor am I willing to accept ALL those people as poor observers. It's quite confusing.

To begin, if Biggie exists, why not even partial skeletons? The common opinion among believers is "why should there be skeletons?" Then they ask - "there are a LOT of deer in these woods, how many of their skeletons have you seen?" And of course, Biggie seems to have a much smaller population, thus reducing the likelihood of finding a Biggie skeleton. OK - I can't deal with that.

Then, too, while working at Mt. Rainier I met two different people who claimed to have seen Biggie! One a Park worker riding his motorcycle up to Sunrise when he claims he was startled to observe Biggie walk across the road in THREE sides! The other was a logging worker who was a powder monkey. He related that one night all the normal sounds stopped. Thinking it was a predator, and probably a bear after the food he had stashed outside in a bear proof container next to his trailer, he reported he grabbed his shotgun, went outside, checked his stash, found it ok, but still no night noises. As it was a warm night, no wind, he just stood outside looking around and shining his flashlight on the closest trees. Then his light illuminated Biggie, standing there looking like someone as big as a 7 or 8' tall football player, but on a double dose of steroids. Huge frame. Very tall. Biggie was looking away from my friend, watching his flashlight on the trees. I asked why he didn't shoot Biggie, the reply was "it looked too much like a human." Reluctant to shoot Biggie he just went back inside. In a little while the night noises resumed.

So now what?

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Michael Dean April 30, 2012 at 01:10 AM
As a member of the American Bigfoot Society I was wondering if it would be possible to make contact with any of these witnesses for a sighting report. Of course a sighting is what we like to hear about but we also like to record other experiences such as tracks found or other incidents where is it obvious that a Sasquatch was involved. Americanbigfootsociety@gmail.com
Dan Scribner April 30, 2012 at 05:18 AM
I have no way to reach this people anymore - I know the flashlight guy is now deceased and I've had no contact with the other person in over thirty years.


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