Al Gore, Current TV, AL Jazeera and middle east "Big Oil" makes for a good laugh.

Once again, Al Gore demonstrates left wing hypocrisy by selling his Current TV to "Big Oil".

    Al Gore provided more evidence that he is a hypocrite and that his crusade against global warming is simply a scheme and hoax to get him as much money as possible.

    The darling of the modern day environmental movement, Al Gore has written a book about global warming, made a movie about global warming and has been paid top dollar to make numerous speeches about global warming and how humans should feel guilty about just living life.  Of course, while he was looking down his nose and talking down to humans for living life and criticizing "Big Oil", he lived in a 26,000 square foot mansion which sucked up much energy to live in; he and his posse rolled aorund in large SUV's and he flew in private jets going from one global warming conference to another.  All the while, he was raking in the money and the left chose to ignore it. In fact, the left bowed at Al Gore's feet, fed his ego and used his faulty information to convince the country that we need to something about global warming because it is a crisis and we were all going to die if we don't.

    All this money rolled in for Al, and he started his own television network, Current TV.  Now, if you never heard of Current TV, you are not alone.  They were lucky to get 50,000 viewers.  Not even signing left wing psychopath talk show host Keith Olberfuhrer helped Current TV.  Now Al made a decision that Current TV would stay true to its' principles, they would not receive any advertising money from Big Oil or other "polluters".  Good for Al, way to stay true to your principles.

    Well, Current TV wasn't getting the viewers they had hoped and very successful talk show host Glenn Beck offered to buy Current TV from Al Gore for $250 million dollars.  A very generous offer for a failed network.  Big Al Gore turned this offer down.  Of course the liberal would say that Big Al is sticking to his principles and not selling out for the almighty dollar, especially to some right wing conservative.

    Not so fast silly liberals.  Big Al had something else in mind.  Last week, he sold Curreent TV to Big Oil.  Thats right he sold it to the Emir of Qatar who can be a poster child for "Big Oil", global warming, polluter etc.  Big Al sold Current TV to Al Jazeera TV, which is owned and funded by middle east Big Oil.  How rich is this?  And what is even better, he sold it for $500 million dollars (a half a billion dollars!)  AL Gore is now richer than Mitt Romney- HA!

    Yet, the gullible left will still continue to bow at Big Al's feet.  They will still continue to pay him for his speeches on global warming because he is an"expert" on the topic.  They will still continue to pay for his books and watch his stupid movie.  ALl the while they will continue to make demands that government does "something" about global warming even if it means throwing us back into the dark ages and making everybody miserable while paying more for it. And Big Al? He will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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John Anderson January 10, 2013 at 06:38 PM
Hi Dexter. Although we disagree on many (most?) things, we also have some common ground. You raised some interesting points in your blog, although they were obscured by generalizations and name-calling. I, too, wondered why Gore would sell Current TV to the Qatari-owned network, and maybe even for some of the same reasons as you. I like discussing ideas with someone I disagree with because either one of us could be wrong and could learn something the other. However, those discussions never go anywhere if they are incendiary attacks or emotional defense. You really have something to offer Patch, but I am afraid it often gets lost in the rhetoric, and that is too bad. I could be wrong. Thanks for participating.
dexterjibs January 11, 2013 at 02:35 AM
John, I hear you. Sometimes I am very abrasive. But I really don't like hypocrisy and Al Gore is a hypocrite that is making money on a hoax he is helping perpetuate. He wants the government to make rules and regulations that effect everybody in this country. Rules and regulations that will cost average citizens like you and I thousands and thousands of dollars. Rules and regs that will subvert property rights and freeedom. Rules and regs that will not apply to him and his rich buddies. So if it sounds like I am angry about Al Gore, you bet I am. And, well intentioned liberals have propped this jackball up for years and he is laughing all the way to the bank. I am not surprised he sold to Big Oil because the price was right.
Susan Etchey January 13, 2013 at 01:46 AM
Now, Dexter, who's the hypocrite now? Would you deny Gore the right to be a greedy American Capitalist and not make big profits at all costs? Like FOX News, Rush and Glenn Beck? That doesn't sound like right-wing thinking to me. Hmmm ...Are you a latent liberal after all?
dexterjibs January 14, 2013 at 02:07 AM
Susan, some peopel believe I am a closeted liberal. Hey, anything is possible. i believe most women are a 6 pack away from being lesbian. Anyway, I don't begrudge anyone from making as much money as possible and should not feel guilty about it. However, I do have some standards. Like the preacher/minister/televangelist that is making a million bucks a year spreading the gospel of their particular religion should not be making that much money. The old snake oil salesman that are going from town to town selling stuff that is suppose to cure your ails. I would put Al Gore in the snake oil salesmen category. The thing with his "cure" for the "planet having a fever" means government passing laws that will cost every citizen more money in taxes, more money in needs like electricity, fuel and other supplies. This will cripple the US economy and cost jobs. Meanwhile, he sits in his mansion with his half a billion dollars and the damage he wants to do won't effect him. All of this for an unproven theory. As far as Rush and Glenn, they have a talent and are using it to meet people's needs and make a ton of money doing it. People don't have to listen to them and they are not asking government to pass oppressive regulation and tax rates for a theory.


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