Gun owners, gird your loins, Obama and his ilk are coming after you and your guns.

Obama and the left see a golden opportunity to use the Newtown murders to enact gun control either through legilation or executive order.

    Democrat and former Obama advisor Rahm Emanuel believes in playing hard ball and never letting a tragedy go to waste is one of his core beliefs.  When he says never let a tragedy go to waste, he means taking advantage of a tragedy to further his progressive political goals.  Progressives have been quite successful at this tactic.

    This is why I am not surprised by the latest assault on gun rights in this country.  Within hours after the Newtown shooting, Democrat politicans were calling for new laws restricting guns.  And to no reasonable person's surprise, a rush on gun, ammo magazine and ammo purchases have overwhelmed and enriched gun shop owners and gun manufacturers.

    The day when  Adam Lanza murdered those innocent kids and school staff, there were multiple laws in effect to prevent him from doing what he did.  He disregarded every one of those laws.  Passing laws to prevent me from owning guns or making it harder for me to purchase a gun will not stop the Adam Lanza's of the world.

    I am confident the Republican controlled House will stop any any gun control laws that will not work. But the unknown is what will Obama do when he doesn't get what he wants through legislation.  Well, silly me, it is known what he will do.  He will do what he has done since he has been President-He will rule through Executive Order.  he has by-passed Congress before and just issued an Executive Order.  A very scary way to rule and unconstitutional.

    And mark my words, the assault on law abiding gun owners will continue to occur.  It will come from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times etc.  Progressives control the media and they will use it to obtain gun control. It will come from politicians that believe the 2nd Amendment really isn't a "right" like the 1st Amendment is.

    There was one newspaper in New York that published all the names and addresses of legal gun permit holders.  This is an effort to intimidate.  I think we would hear a whole lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth from the left if a newspaer published all the names and addresses of women that have legally obtained abortions.

    Gun owners, gird your loins and be prepared for a long hard fight.  In the meantime, lock up your guns at home to keep them out of the hands of the wrong people.

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Klondiko January 14, 2013 at 04:50 PM
The world is not ending (as some would have you believe). Common sense will prevail.
dexterjibs January 15, 2013 at 01:04 AM
I guess it depends on what your definition of common sense is.


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