Hey mom...is that a lumbar curve?

A properly aligned spine is essential for achieving space, ease and freedom in our bodies...and the key to looking younger and taller. Who doesn't want that?

This morning my mom shared her "aha" moment from the previous weeks yoga class.  Once she mentioned it I realized she had been standing a little taller and practicing tadasana at home.  Turned out she finally found her lumbar curve, after decades of it being MIA... and low and behold when I turned her sideways there it was.

A well aligned spine is a beautiful sight, each curve properly in place and in balance.  The heart centered over the pelvis.

You may be wondering what the big deal is....well...let me tell you...it is a really big deal.  Proper alignment, posture and form are essential for spaciousness, ease and freedom in our bodies.  It can be oh so elusive to attain, but once we feel it, we want to shout from the roof top "eureka, I've got it".

It's kind of like mastering a stick shift.  When our gears are out of alignment we are stiff and jerky, sometimes stalling out.  Once mastered the ride becomes smooth and exhilarating.

Regaining homeostasis is a liberating feeling.  My mom succeeded in undoing decades of patterns and habits and in doing so she looks taller (not easy at 5' 1") and younger (she already looks at least 10 years younger than her real age).  She no longer appears to be perpetually practicing first position,  toes out heels in, clenching her butte-cheeks, locking up her pelvis and reducing her lumbar curve.

She has found space and freedom for movement.  Her pelvis has begun to release and her practice is unfolding.

As her daughter I am elated and greedily anticipating at least two more decades of her presence in my life.  As a teacher I feel relief that my efforts and persistence are not in vain.

I am hopeful that perhaps my mom's propensity to fall on her face (literally) has ended.  I asked her if she felt more balanced and she responded yes.  There is still a long way to go but with this new found freedom she will no doubt feel more confident to pursue more challenging postures.

There may still be hope to free her shoulders and see her in a handstand in the next few years ;-)

Do not burst my bubble...I can hope.

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