Email to the Editor: Creationfest Noise Levels, Nearby Eyesore Detracts from Town Appeal

Louanna Kitchen, who lives near the Expo Center, bemoans the upcoming music festival as well as another unattractive visual that greet tourists coming westbound from State Route 410.

Living approximately a half mile from the Expo Center I have to say it is not the music that is a problem, especially at night, it is the excessively loud bass amps that are the problem. If this is Christian music it does not demonstrate a Christian attitude by revving those amps up to the extreme, causing problems for all within at least a half mile radius. It would seem these Christian musicians could be a bit more understanding.

Also, is there some worthwhile reason that trashy trailer/shack is still sitting there at the corner of Roosevelt and Farman Streets? That is nothing but an eyesore that is such a welcoming sight for all the summer visitors and tourists. That should have been removed months ago. Actually it never should have been left there in the first place and apparently without a proper permit at the time either.

Louanna Kitchen

Enumclaw, Wash.

dexterjibs July 16, 2012 at 04:58 AM
I think Ms Kitchen is part of the small, vocal minority in this country that does her best to make sure no one has any fun in this country. She lives near a fairgrounds where live musical entertainment has occurred for decades and now she wants to complain about the live music, knowing full well this occurs there. It is like the people that move near a gun range, then proceed to complain about the gun shots.
Jeff Dahlquist July 16, 2012 at 10:05 PM
I would suggest that if you have questions about the trailer you call Mr. Dickson directly (check the local phone book) instead of going to the City Council since it is not a city council issue. Mr. Dickson is not a person to let a project just sit. Unfortunately, there are multiple reasons for the trailer work not being completed.
ItchieFeet July 16, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Dexter, I do understand what you are saying but I must repeat myself. I have never complained about any noise or music from any of the events at the fairgrounds before, only the Bass Amps in the evening/night hours that are turned up to the max and make the walls and windows vibrate. All I am asking is for more consideration. I totally understand the purpose of the fairgrounds and the many events that go on there. It is just this one event that is totally out of control and the city council has chosen to rewrite the noise ordinance to exclude them and not allow the police to handle any noice complaints from the " wonderful" Christian music (?) and their bass amps.
Jeff Dahlquist July 17, 2012 at 12:18 AM
KLB, after reading my comment I wanted to elaborate a bit ... did not want to come across as snobby or dis-missive. The trailor was purchased by Darrel Dickson with the intent of cleaning it up and making it an information center for Enumclaw and the foothills area. Used by local business and the Chamber of Commerce to promote activities and get tourist into town. There will be landsaping, parking for a few cars and outdoor seating so people can stop on there way through town. He is currently dealing with some legal and regulatory issues. Hope that help. I know everyone involved with this project wants it done ... yesterday.
Hoke Overland July 17, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Jeff thanks for stepping up with that clarification. Darrel sounds like a guy who cares and wants help the community. It sounds like a great idea.


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