Email to the Editor: Creationfest Noise Wasn't Too Bad

Louanna Kitchen writes that the noise level from this year's music festival was a noticeable improvement over the previous year.

First off I must apologize for being so late in sending a letter to the Patch regarding the latest Creationfest.  I have been a vocal objector to the excessively loud bass amps, last year in particular.  This year it was at least 75-80% better than last year.  I knew it could be done and that there was no reason the bass amps had to be so totally loud, especially at night. This year, in my opinion, the music was done at a very acceptable level and a sincere thank you to whoever made that happen.

Louanna Kitchen

cathy August 03, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Louanna Kitchen, Just wanted to let you know I think it's very thoughtful of you to follow up your previous letter...most people wouldn't do that.


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