Email to the Editor: Enumclaw Fire Community Advisory Group Seeks Citizen Input

Group secretary Elbert Reed shares some of the latest updates happening with the group formed in July to assist Enumclaw/King County Fire Protection District No. 28 with its long-term strategic plan.

The Enumclaw King County Fire District 28 Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) is providing recommendations on the forthcoming Fire District/Department Strategic Plan. The Group of 12 was formed in July by the Fire District to provide citizen input to the Fire District & Department’s long term strategic plan, and to help Enumclaw fire district align itself with the local community needs. The Group is not charged with addressing operational issues of the Fire Department.

Members represent local employers, community service groups, and citizens at large. Current members are: Ashok Kuruganti, Chairperson & member at large; Angie Stubblefield, member at large; Elbert Reed community service organizations; Tim Madden, Enumclaw School District; Roxanne Harr, Mutual of Enumclaw; Eileen Hicks, Mt. Rainier Christian Church;. More information about the CAG members can be found on the Fire Department web site (www.enumclawfire.com).

After a few monthly meetings to organize themselves and learn their role and responsibility, the Group has now developed a draft set of recommendations for the Fire District/Department to consider as they proceed to develop the strategic plan. The recommendations have been grouped as follows: Public Image, Community Outreach, and Operations.

A theme running through all the recommendations is the need for increased citizen input to, and transparency of District decisions. The Group will continue its work throughout the next year as the District & Department develop their long term Strategic Plan. As a result of these early discussions, the Fire District is looking into bringing back the Quarterly Newsletter. Thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Group members are soliciting concerns and recommendations from all citizens in King County Fire District 28 and encourage readers to send their thoughts to the Fire District 28 CAG via email using the Contact tab on the Fire Department web site http://kcfd28.org. Include "Fire District 28 CAG" in the subject line to insure proper routing of the comment. Comments can also be mailed to the CAG at King County Fire District #28, 1330 Wells Street, Enumclaw, WA 98022. The Group will consider all comments but will not necessarily respond to all.

The Group has one and possible more vacancies. Persons interested in participating as a member of the group should contact Fire Chief Joe Clow at (360) 825-5544 or at JClow@ci.enumclaw.wa.us. The objective of member selection is to provide a cross section of citizen representation from the Fire District. Please provide basic contact information such as name, address, phone number and email address. Further explain your interest in the CAG, and how you feel you can assist the group.

All meetings are open to the public, and a time for public comment is provided at the end of each meeting. Meeting dates, times and locations are posted on the Fire Department 28 Web Site http://kcfd28.org.

Elbert Reed, Group Secretary

Editor's Note: Read more about the formation of the CAG.

John L. Hunt December 01, 2012 at 11:58 PM
The quarterly newsletter appears to be a good idea. If we can afford to send firefighters east why do we need lodging for them. If Enumclaw fire officals followed all regulations in the mobile home project, then these regulations need to be amended. If the CAG group is not charged with operational issues, why have the groups recommendations included operational issues?
Ted Devol December 05, 2012 at 02:35 AM
CAG has made no recommendations regardig Fire district operations. That line is pretty funny; "then these regulations need to be amended." Contractors will get a kick out of that statement!


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