Email to the Editor: The KCLS Annexation Vote in Illustration

Fran Murphy offers a graphical take on the ongoing community dialogue with regards to the annexation of the city library into King County Library System and supports voting no on Proposition No. 1.

Editor's Note: Fran Murphy submitted this political cartoon to Enumclaw Patch concerning the April 17 special election and the question of whether the city library should annex into King County Library System. We are running the cartoon as we would any other 'Email to the Editor' from the community and emphasize this is a reader's opinion rather than an endorsement of either side by Patch.

Bonnie April 13, 2012 at 04:45 AM
I think this is a rude caricature and that this was not the "actual conversation". How does this cartoon contribute to a constructive look at the library issue?
Dena Rosko April 13, 2012 at 07:11 PM
It may help to access documents on Renton's library situation: http://scr.bi/GEBFJq Therein you will find the letter of KCLS director threatening to sue the City of Renton. It's worth noting that the KCLS director is appointed and not elected. Respectfully, Dena
Fran Murphy April 13, 2012 at 09:59 PM
Bonnie, Since the time of Daumier to the present, it is hard to have a political cartoon without being a little bit rude. That is the nature of political caricature. You apparently seem, though, to have entirely missed my point as to why this cartoon uses rudeness as a theme. I thought it was obvious. Your "opinion" on whether this was an actual conversation means absolutely nothing to me. You were not in attendance at the cited meeting which means that you, personally, did not witness the depicted event, so how on earth do you expect to have one ounce of credibility for posting an opinion to which you are not entitled. Stop trying to spread misinformation on this issue! If I sound angry, your damn right, because your comment amounted to calling me a liar, an accusation and display of impertinence that I felt compelled to redress. I don't care what you "think" about my cartoon. You are certainly entitled to your opinion about the greater issue, but you simply can't opine about that for which you have no knowledge. Case closed. You weren't there. The dialog depicted in this cartoon wrote itself. Others who actually attended this meeting, witnessed this little sideline exchange, so your ineffectual attempt at refuting the actuality of the event or the conversation is futile and immature. Last point, in case you missed it: If it is not "our dime," then whose is it?
Joe Avery April 14, 2012 at 08:06 PM
This cartoon DOES in fact represent the real story behind the City's attempt to annex the library to KCLS. It DOES reveal the "backroom approach” City leaders - your elected representatives and the City Administrator – took to negotiations and discussions with KCLS with only a select few and none of the Library Board. It DOES reveal the clear impact of what's happening - the City is allowing King County to tax YOU 35% more than YOUR current property tax levy rates while keeping all the money you already give for the Library for other things the City wants. It DOES bring up whose "dime" is it and IT IS YOUR DIME (not the City's and their other sources of income) that will pay for less than what you have now. Why allow City Council to make such a long term impact on a 90 plus year old library whose million dollar building was just paid off when Council has not truly taken a in-depth look at all possible funding options (regardless of the less than full story of Mr. Elfers' comments that a thorough review was done)? KCLS annexation is not part of what this City’s independent minded residents have ever wanted. City Council and the Mayor have seriously underestimated the strength of this conviction in the pioneer spirit very much a part of Enumclaw. Joe Avery
Bonnie April 16, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Fran, People always have a right to an opinion about events, regardless of whether they personally witnessed them or not. Just look at your own postings and your assumptions about people. My opinion is that the comments seem to have been taken out of context. In rebuttal to your accusation toward me, I am not trying to spread misinformation. I am trying to contribute to a constructive look at the library, so citizens can make an informed decision. Some people are behaving in a disrespectful, angry, suspicious, and fearful way which is obstructing the real goal of choosing the best option for our community. Does posting a disfigured caricature of a community activist inspire more citizens to become involved? Does focusing on a remark that a city official may have made in jest help people decide which library system is better? People that I talked to said that things like this makes them want to just stay away from community issues.


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