Enumclaw Councilman Elfers Announces Bid to Run for Re-election

Councilman Richard Elfers outlines his accomplishments through his first term but says there's more work to do.

I am Richard Elfers, and I am running for re-election to the Enumclaw City Council.

When I was elected to the Enumclaw City Council in 2008, I hit the road running. Having taught history and government for 31 years at a local high school, I understand how government functions, and am a quick learner.  I make decisions carefully after much research and ask important questions crucial to the issues that come before Council.

I’ve served on three committees since elected: Finance, of which I am now chair, Community Economic Development, and Expo Committee.  As Finance chair I lead the city government to become more focused on meaningful planning and implementation, encouraging long-term thinking and cost cutting. To that end I advocate for movement to a more efficient biennial budget model.

While on C.E.D., I have worked to make the best decisions regarding annexation of new properties, striving to balance the financial needs of the City with the best interest of its citizens.  My long-term goal is to help Enumclaw maintain its charm while allowing for sensible growth.   

My goal on the Expo Committee has been to make the facility self-sustaining.  I have been able to obtain more accurate financial reporting about the actual income of the Expo Center, encouraging the Administration to make changes that will enable the Expo Center to become more attractive to potential customers.

There are challenges yet ahead.  A biennial budget will take a year to implement, requiring experienced decision makers to tackle annexations issues that are presented to the Community Economic Development Committee.  The Expo Center is not yet self-sustaining or profitable, and an experienced hand is needed to accomplish that.

I ask for your vote because the citizens of Enumclaw need a councilperson who is careful, thoughtful, with integrity, time, interest and experience to make the difficult decisions that must be made.  I love this town and believe I am the best candidate to preserve and improve what we all love about living in Enumclaw. I’ve made a great start, but I have more work to do for Enumclaw.

Richard Elfers
Enumclaw City Council
360 825-0265
Visit my web site at voteelfers.com for more information. (site under construction)

Karen Jensen October 08, 2011 at 03:43 PM
In your own email to the editor you state you are on three committees and chair of one of them. Yet you cannot list one thing that you have done in your term that has impacted Enumclaw for the better. In my opinion all three of the committees are currently worse off then when you started. I believe Enumclaw needs a change now and taken in a different direction.


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