Parenting on the Plateau: It's a Snow Day!

Consider these reasons for why we should take a moment to love the snow.

I'm not a cold weather person. Aside from the fashion aspect, I find little appealing about wearing eight layers to go outside and get wet and cold.  I'm not much a fan of snow sports either and prefer a drink in a warm lodge than to work on perfecting my Ollie in fresh pow, Bro.

Then there's the matter of snow destroying road conditions and keeping kids home from school, only to make it up when the weather will be markedly preferable.

So you can see how this might go against the grain of having children who wildly anticipate snow days and wake early to the sound of falling flakes. Yes, children can hear their silent descent, I'm sure of it.

But it took their childlike glee to get me out of my comfort zone, and warm house, and now I too look forward to the snow day.  It's easy to think back and remember my own excitement as a child opposed by my parents' lamenting over roads and school closure and their overall disinterest.

Here are 10 reasons why we should embrace the snow day:

  1. Quality time with the kids. They actually think it's fun to be pushed down into soft snow. And you'll actually enjoy doing it.
  2. Change of scenery.  Gray, dead winter is not pretty. Snow makes it fanciful. And hides your yards imperfections.
  3. Burning calories while you play. Sledding for an hour can burn an estimated 493 calories for a 155 pound person. Building snowmen could be as many as 285 and a snowball fight 319.
  4. Your kids actually want to go outside.If yours are anything like mine, it's pulling teeth to get them out in the cold depth of winter, but snow changes that. Now you can't get them inside.
  5. You can finally utilize that 4-wheel drive you've been paying for.
  6. Justification of all things carb heavy and loaded with sugar. There is really no better time for cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. (You've already burned it off anyway.)
  7. For a rare few days, you'll see your neighbors.  My street peeps usually only make appearances in spring and summer, but snow brings everyone outside again.
  8. You have a very good, valid excuse to stay home. Whether from work, errands or other commitments, snow gives everyone a free pass.
  9. The snow is beautiful. Dare I say therapeutic?  Unlike wind, rain or sun, its falling from the sky can be mesmerizing and calming. Enjoy it.
  10. It's life. We teach and learn about the four seasons, and now we get to experience it. Although we may grumble at winter or wish for a sunny and evenly temperate relocation, we'd miss the contrast and variety without which we'd have no measure for enjoyment of the sunshine.

Perspective people.


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