Letter to the Editor: Mark Mullet has Changed His Answer on Tax Increases

Bryan Kelly, owner of Valley Automotive Repair and Electric in Maple Valley, says he supports Brad Toft for 5th District Senate.

Dear Editor:

How can we believe Mark Mullet?  He clearly supports an income tax and the elimination of the two-thirds requirement to raise taxes. Not only did I hear this at our local debate, but he also answered the King County Democrats questionnaire in support of tax increases.  Now Mark Mullet claims he doesn’t support raising taxes. Why? He knows he cannot get elected in the 5th District by telling voters the truth.

Mark Mullet is proud of big labor groups like SEIU walking on his behalf. SEIU is the same union that threatened to sue the state if they didn’t raise taxes during the last budget, and are also largely responsible for the overwhelming amount of false attack mailers. Another major supporter of Mullet is Fuse Washington, a left leaning organization that supports candidates willing to raise taxes. Even their website declares they are looking for progressive candidates that will “raise revenues”. With supporters like this, why should we believe Mark Mullet does not want to raise taxes? 

As a small business owner and an active business advocate, I know there is only one candidate, in this race, that supports small business and business organizations in Washington State, Brad Toft. Brad doesn’t tell us what he thinks we want to hear, instead he tells us his actual plan for business recovery in Washington State. Small business is struggling, and we cannot be fooled by Mark Mullet; we know he will raise our taxes. 

I encourage you to join the Association of Washington Businesses and the National Federation of Independent Business and support Brad Toft for State Senate.

Bryan K Kelly


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