Enumclaw Fire Chief Releases 2013 State of the District Report

The formation of a Community Advisory Group, the completion of firefigher/EMT training for 12 new volunteer firefighters and the raising of more than $11,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association were among 2012 highlights.

Enumclaw/King County Fire Protection District No. 28 Fire Chief Joe Clow released the 2013 State of the District Report today. The text of the report is below:


As we draw a close to 2012 and begin to take a look at 2013 we begin to realize the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the provision of fire and life safety services within our community and preparations necessary to meet them.

The Enumclaw Fire Department has been providing service to the greater district community for the past 110 years. The men and women who make up our department proudly serve with a focus on continuous improvement and development.

2012 Review

Call Data and Response Report

The Enumclaw Fire Department responded to 2,041 calls for services in 2012 (see attached Monthly Run Count, December 31, 2012), of these some of the more notable calls were:

  • 97 calls responded to in a twenty-four hour period during the January Ice Storm
  • 5 Wildland Fire mobilizations outside of district
  • 2 Wildland Fire incidents within our district
  • Rope Rescue for a trapped worker in an elevator shaft at Mud Mountain Dam
  • On Thanksgiving Day, and the day after, two shift firefighters (Williams and Bellah) responded to a call for a resident having difficulty with a disabled sump pump.
  • In December one of our crews responded to check the welfare of an individual calling for help from within her house. Upon arrival they found a subject who had fallen in the tub unable to get up with cold water running on her for approximately 2 hours. This call was discovered by a meal delivery service from the Enumclaw Senior Center. This was the first stop, on the first day of the program.

These are just a few of the many calls for service responded to during 2012. The EFD responded to 1,439 Aid/EMS calls and transported 917 persons to the hospital.

In addition to call responses the EFD completed 1,790.5 contact training hours during the year and participated in several community events providing EMS and First-Aid services.


The fire department accomplished a great deal during the year, most notably were:

  • Formation of a Community Advisory Group to help the EFD to create a Strategic Plan based on community expectations
  • Implementation and expansion of a comprehensive Public Safety Education program that included community CPR classes, Child Seat Safety and Installation program, and School Safety program (estimated contact with 700 children).
  • 12 New Volunteer Firefighters completed Firefighter I Academy and EMT-Basic training
  • Completion of a Communications Feasibility Study to identify potential cost savings through a change in Emergency Communications Dispatch
  • Participation in community events, fairs and programs
  • Completed a review of health insurance plans and costs with a result of cost reduction in health care premiums for EFD staff
  • Four career firefighters completed certification to the Firefighter II level
  • The EFD Firefighter Recruitment process was reviewed and revised creating a more comprehensive and rigorous process for bringing new members into the organization whether they be career or volunteer members.
  • Completed purchases of fitness equipment and staff training to complete the requirements of an Assistance to Firefighters Grant for a Wellness and Fitness program
  • Completed two annexations of residential properties into the fire district from our “No-Man’s Land” area
  • Enhanced the Firefighter Cadet program for High School aged children to gain knowledge and practical skills in firefighting as a career
  • EFD members participated in the Annual Firefighter Stair Climb in Seattle raising over 16,000 dollars for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and completed a “Fill the Boot” day raising more than 11,000 dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Financial Overview


  • Revenue    $4,300,000
  • Expenses    $3,400,000
  • Balance    $   850,000


  • Revenue    $3,735,000
  • Expenses    $3,250,000
  • Balance     $  485,000    

2013 Forecast

As we begin 2013 the focus of EFD attention and resources is planned to concentrate on establishing a Strategic Plan that sets up a comprehensive “roadmap” for the next 10 to 20 years. In order to accomplish this task the fire department established a Community Advisory Group (CAG) in 2012 to assist us in keeping our focus on community expectations as we lay out our future. The established Strategic Priorities agreed upon by the CAG and Board of Commissioners is:

Strategic Plan – Outline


A. Public Perception
The Enumclaw Fire Department story

  • Who We Are
  • What We Do
  • How We Do It

Community Awareness

  • Community’s awareness of EFD (Projects, programs and people)
  • EFD Awareness of Community (Service demands and critical issues)
  • Standards of Cover (identifying community needs and issues; and, planning for response and mitigation)


  • Access to Information
  • Media Resources
  • Transparency

B. Community Involvement/Outreach


  • EFD visibility in community
  • Role of the Board of Fire Commissioners
  • Memberships and Partnerships


  • Involvement in community events
  • Increase opportunities to interact
  • Open Door Policy

C. Facilities Plan


  • History and Background


  • Assessment of Current Structural Condition
  • Location Assessment
  • Space Needs assessment
    • Current Needs
    • Future Needs

Comprehensive Facilities Plan

  • Facilities Improvement recommendations
  • Location Plan
  • Facilities Funding Options

D. Apparatus and Equipment Plan


  • Background
  • Safety Standards

Future Needs Assessment

  • Service Evaluation
  • Critical Needs Identification
  • Apparatus and Equipment Location Assessment


  • Assessment Recommendations
  • Apparatus and Equipment Replacement Schedule
  • Funding Options

E. Personnel/Staffing Plan


  • Background
  • Decision Matrix

Future Needs Assessment

  • Service Evaluation
  • Critical Needs Assessment
  • Location Assessment Plan


  • Comprehensive Staffing Plan
  • Funding Options


2012 was the year that King County Fire District #28 and the Board of Fire Commissioners realized full control and authority for the operating, maintaining and sustaining the services, equipment, facilities and personnel of the Enumclaw Fire Department. There are significant challenges and opportunities ahead that can only be met and realized through solid comprehensive planning processes, clear direction and focus and an atmosphere of inclusion and cooperation with our community.


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