King County Fire District No. 44 Report for Jan. 22 to Jan. 28

The following information was provided by King County Fire District No. 44 public information officer Tim Perciful and covers Jan. 22 to Jan. 28.

Total Calls for the week
Fire: 0
Rupture/Explosion: 0
EMS/Rescue: 23
Hazardous conditions: 0
Service Call: 1
Good Intent: 1
False Call: 2
Severe Weather: 0
Other: 0
Total Calls: 27

Incident Of The Week:
Date: 1/27/13
Time of Call: 15:52
Tim's Narrative:

KCFD 44 was called to a residential fire alarm, that was key pad activated, to a residence near Pacific Raceway. When firefighters arrived they learned that a woman activated the keypad because her husband was unconscious on the floor in another room and she was unable to help him.

Firefighters found the man face down on the floor and he was unresponsive, had no respirations, and had no pulse. One firefighter began CPR while the other firefighter went back to the rig to get an AED and other aid gear. The firefighter continued CPR by himself until the other firefighter got back with the aid gear and began our AED protocols. Once the pads were on and the machine was turned on the firefighters were able to deliver a shock and continued CPR.

The medics arrived on location within a few minutes. The teamwork between the medics and firefighters allowed them to restore a pulse and blood pressure.

The man was then transported to the hospital.

Safety Message:

It is important to learn CPR and to call 9-1-1 immediately during an event like this. The woman was unable to provide CPR but she called 9-1-1 to alert us that help was needed. Firefighters went to the house expecting to help with a fire but quickly learned it was a medical emergency so they switched gears and helped save a man's life.

Department News:

We will no longer be checking child passenger seats in the district. This is due to the job duties changing because of the lack of staff.

Here is some info to schedule a car seat inspection:

In 2013 we are moving to an appointment-based model. Call 206-987-SAFE (7233) to make an appointment; 25 minutes per seat. Inspections are free, donations accepted. Please bring your car seat and vehicle manuals. Drop-ins are taken if time allows.

Upcoming Events:

·         2/9/13 - Tentative Water Day for Swiftwater Training

·         2/10/13 - Tentative Water Day for Swiftwater Training

·         2/18/13 - Office closed for Presidents Day

·         2/22/13 - First Aid / CPR training for Black Diamond PD and City of Black Diamond employees

·         3/1/13 - First Aid / CPR training for Black Diamond PD and City of Black Diamond employees

·         3/9/13 - Spring 2013 Volunteer Academy (First Day)


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