78 Percent Voter Turnout in King County 31st District Races Ushers Incumbents Back to Office

The 79 percent of ballots returned in Pierce County also helped secure races for Cathy Dahlquist and Chris Hurst.

There were no surprises in the state's 31st Legislative races after elections results were certified Tuesday showing that both Cathy Dahlquist and Chris Hurst won their respective races and will be returning to Olympia next year.

According to the Secretary of State's final elections results, Dahlquist won King County with 11,327 votes (51 percent) over challenger Brian L. Gunn who had 6,793 votes (37.5 percent); she took Pierce County with 25,860 votes (62.9 percent) compared with Gunn's 15,225 votes (37.1 percent).

Hurst won King County with 10,441 votes (58.2 percent) over challenger Lisa Connors' 7,505 votes (41.8 percent); in Pierce County he had 22,021 votes (54 percent) over Connors' 18,732 votes (46 percent).

In total, final numbers were:

  • Hurst: 32,462 votes (55.3 percent)
  • Connors: 26,237 votes (44.7 percent)
  • Dahlquist: 37,187 votes (62.8 percent)
  • Gunn: 22,018 (37.2 percent)

The 31st District, in both counties, showed strong voter participation with 19,760 ballots cast out of 25,188 registered voters in King County, or 78 percent voter turnout; and 45,682 ballots cast out of 57,550 registered voters in Pierce County, putting them at 79 percent.

5th District Results

In the 5th District which covers the area just north of Enumclaw city limits, Mark Mullet took in a final 36,765 votes (54.3 percent) over Brad Toft's 30,783 votes (45.5 percent) for the state senator race. Jay Rodne, who ran unopposed for Position No. 1 in the House collected 47,851 votes. And for Position No. 2, Chad Magendanz won with 35,961 votes (55.1 percent) over David Spring who had 29,156 votes (44.7 percent).

And in Black Diamond, voters rejected Proposition No. 1, changing the plan of government for the city 1,247 votes for 'no' (59.2 percent) over 858 votes 'yes' (40.8 percent).


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