Brad Toft Concedes in Letter to Supporters 'Closing this Chapter'

Though 5th District Senate candidate Brad Toft has acknowledged he won't gain the seat, he has said he'll remain active in local politics on issues he's passionate about.

Brad Toft sent a letter to supporters this morning acknowledging defeat in the 5th District Senate race.

Though he hadn't formally called his opponent, Mark Mullet, Toft titled his letter, published below, "closing this chapter."

Toft told Patch yesterday that he was proud of the race he had run and appreciative of his campaign supporters.

Toft's letter to supporters:

Dear Friend,

We have come to the end of the road in the 5th District Senate race. It's a special privilege to be part of something this important, and it has been my honor to be the Republican standard bearer in this contest.

There's a disappointment in what happened, but the cause goes on. We worked in this campaign with our own hands, with the belief that political parties and government should serve the people, rather than manage them. We made promises and defined them, because we believe that from those commitments come scrutiny and support; and both are necessary in our form of government.

Don't get cynical. Look at yourselves and what you were willing to do; there are millions of Washingtonians who want what you want. So I thank you for what you have done and ask you to stay engaged. What we did here matters. We fought for a dream, and that dream remains with us.

Thanks for reading,



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