Business Ordinance Passes and More Notes from May 14 Enumclaw City Council Meeting

In a short meeting Monday, the Enumclaw City Council approved a housekeeping ordinance clarifying the city's position in regards to issuing business licenses against local, state and federal law.

Though Councilmen Chance LaFleur, Sean Krebs and Glen Jensen were absent from Monday's meeting of the Enumclaw City Council, the remaining four councilmembers approved an ordinance amending the municipal code with regards to the issuance of business licences.

According to staff report from community development director Erika Shook, the ordinance represents a minor 'housekeeping' amendent to the city's business license ordinance that would ensure that business licenses are only issued for businesses that comply with local, state and federal law.

The amendment that the council passed also clarifies the city's role as it relates to a bill in the state legislature which made changes to the state law allowing medical marijuana dispensaries and collective gardens, said Shook.

More Notes:

  • Meeting Canceled: Councilmembers agreed to cancel the schedule May 28 meeting of the Enumclaw City Council and resume its next meeting on June 11.
  • Economic Development: City administrator Mike Thomas reported that a newly formed economic development task force had its first meeting on May 10 consisting of various representatives of the community. Its next meeting is June 14.
  • Library Transition: Thomas further reported that the transition of the city library to control under King County Library System () is underway with all but one member of the current library staff accepting positions under KCLS. That individual has opted to retire. With the transition of staff complete, the emphasis is on getting the technology implemented -- setting up KCLS's system before disassembling city equipment. "The goal is to make it look seamless," he said.
  • Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation: Director Rene' Popke provided council with an update on the various projects the foundation is currently undertaking. Click here to read more about that.


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