Expo Center Website Gets Facelift

The city of Enumclaw has updated this important resource for the facility and enhanced usability, including making it easier to browse for information on smart phones.

When planning an event for your own friends and family, or looking up event information for something you knew was happening at the did you ever come up feeling a little disappointed after visiting www.enumclawexpocenter.com?

Yeah, we did too, particularly after the site seemed to completely go offline earlier this summer. Luckily, city staff were on top of things the whole time and in the last few weeks or so relaunched the Expo Center site with a completely new design, fresh and hand-drawn visuals and increased usability.

Credit goes to Bryson Michael who is the city's media services coordinator and whose job description also includes general web site upkeep and manning the city's general television production, including the City Council meetings seen on ECTV Channel 21.

It was at Monday's Council meeting that Michael presented the revamped site; he took special pride (as he should) in the hand-drawn impressions of the Expo Center features including the Field House, Exhibit Hall, Activity Hall and Covered Arena.

Councilman Jim Hogan congratulated Michael on a job well done and remarked of the drawings, "This is like the coolest website the city has."

City Administrator Mike Thomas added that the improved usability helps Expo Center marketing director Kristen Damazio better walk prospective customers through what resources the facility has to offer for their own events. For example, there are downloadable PDFs outlining basic building information for all of the Expo Center's facilities. "I think it's a great product," he said. "Thank you, Bryson."

Michael also showed Council the mobile version of the website that enables users on their smart phones to quickly find information on their devices on the go. On your device's browser, enter www.enumclawexpo.com and you'll be taken to the mobile site with quick links to information you're looking for such as maps, calendar and directions.

Clicking through, we noted the 'About' and 'Maps' menu items still directed users to a 'coming soon' message, but hopefully the information will be 100 percent complete and ready to go soon.

Have a look! Visit www.enumclawexpocenter.com now!


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