Looking Back: How Did Enumclaw Vote in November 2012 Elections?

Thirteen Enumclaw precincts leaned largely Republican or conservative in most high-profile races and issues, but local voters threw their support behind I-502, better known as the marijuana reform initiative.

If the campaign signs around town weren't evident enough this past fall, Enumclaw voters did vote largely Republican and/or conservative in most high-profile races and issues.

The city registered 6,668 voters from 13 precincts this last election, but the margins weren't as large as one might have anticipated - in either direction.

The Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket did take the majority of votes in Enumclaw at 2,637 votes over the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket which had 2,543 votes. The Democratic team did manage, however, to snag the lead in six of the 13 local precincts.

Both Republican candidates for governor and state attorney general, Rob McKenna and Reagan Dunn, had wide leads over their Democratic opponents Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson, locally. McKenna lead in each local precinct, and Dunn had the lead in all but one precinct in Enumclaw.

Local voters also rejected Ref. 74 regarding same-sex marriage with 2,882 votes against versus 2,343 votes for the referendum.

With I-502, voters supported its passage 2,721 in favor versus 2,521 against.

Full tallies are in the chart below, which show only voting data in Enumclaw and not the actual winners (See the County website for certified results). Numbers are provided by King County at http://your.kingcounty.gov/elections/2012nov-general/results/default.aspx. You can also download the direct .xls file by clicking here

U.S. Presidency/Vice Presidency Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D) 2,543 Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (R) 2,637

U.S. Congressional District 8 Dave Reichert (R)
3,286 Karen Porterfield (D) 1,848

U.S. Senator
Maria Cantwell (D) 2,859 Michael Baumgartner (R)

Jay Inslee (D) 2,153 Rob McKenna (R)

Lt. Governor
Bill Finkbeiner (R)
2,503 Brad Owen (D) 2,403

Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D) 2,181 Reagan Dunn (R)

Secretary of State Kathleen Drew (D) 2,048 Kim Wyman (R)

State Treasurer Jim McIntire (D) 2,492 Sharon Hanek (R)

State Auditor
James Watkins (R)
2,920 Troy Kelley (D) 2,214

Insurance Commissioner John R. Adams (R)
2,296 Mike Kreidler (D) 2,451

Commissioner of Public Lands Clint Didier (R)
2,364 Peter J. Goldmark (D) 2,422

State Rep. Leg. Dist No. 31 - Position 1 Brian L. Gunn (D)
1,669 Cathy Dahlquist (R)

State Rep. Leg. Dist No. 31 - Position 2

Christopher Hurst (ID)
3,083 Lisa Connors (R)

King County Sheriff
John Urquhart 2,671 Steve Strachan 1,599

King County Proposition No. 1 Regular Property Tax Levy for Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Services Approved 2,437 Rejected 2,432

Superior Court Judge Position No. 42
Christopher A. Washington 1,784 Sue Parisien 2,016

State Initiative 1240 (Charter Schools) Yes 2,576 No 2,414

State Initiative 502 (Decriminalization of Marijuana) Yes 2,721 No 2,521

Referendum No. 74 (Same Sex Marriage) Yes 2,343 No 2,882

State Supreme Court Justice Position No. 9
Richard B. Sanders 2,143 Sheryl Gordon McCloud 1,813

Proposed to the People by the Legislature Amendment to the State Constitution Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8221 Approved 3,057 Rejected 1,517

Proposed to the People by the Legislature Amendment to the State Constituion Senate Joint Resolution No. 8223
Approved 1,889 Rejected 2,852

Proposed by Initiative Petition Initiative Measure No. 1185 Yes
No 1,371

Advisory Vote of the People Advisory Vote No. 2 Substitute House Bill 2590 Maintained 1,702 Repealed 2,801

Advisory Vote of the People Advisory Vote No. 1 Engrossed Senate Bill 6635
Maintained 1,560 Repealed 2,980

Total Registered Voters in Enumclaw


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