Need The Latest News on Republicans in Iowa? Just Check Patch

Several Patch sites are covering the caucus by following the candidates who are campaigning, stumping and visiting with voters in that state.

The great thing about having more than 800 Patch sites across the country is that when there's national news happening, chances are good that we'll have someone there covering it.

Thus is the case with the Republican presidential candidates in the Iowa Caucus. The Patches in that state are covering the Oval Office hopefuls as they campaign, stump and chest-bump for votes. (OK, that last one might not be typical of elections, but hey, you never know what some of the more desperate candidates will do for a vote)

For instance:

- On Ames Patch, .

- On Ankeny Patch, as a Washington (the other one) insider.

- On Iowa City Patch, from a key group.

That's just a sample of the action in Iowa right now. Check out these or any other Iowa Patch site for more caucus coverage. To do so, click on any of the above links or visit Patch.com to choose a community in Iowa. Once you're on, click on the "Nearby" pull-down menu on the top right to view what's happening in other towns.


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