Update: Voters Approve Library Annexation to KCLS

King County Elections reports Friday, April 27 the final certified results of Proposition No. 1 in Enumclaw: 1,207 votes in favor of annexation to KCLS and 1,173 votes against.

Update: Friday, April 27 at 4 p.m.: King County Elections has posted final results of the April 17 election. With regards to Enumclaw's Proposition No. 1 concerning the annexation of the city library into King County Library System, the measure passes by 34 votes (1,207 'yes' votes or 50.71 percent; 1,173 'no' votes or 49.29 percent).


King County Elections is expecting to have final results from the April 17 special election posted by 1 p.m. Friday, April 27, and as of Thursday afternoon, votes in favor of Enumclaw's Proposition No. 1 concerning the annexation of the city library into King County Library System were still ahead by a margin of 32.

There were 1,205 votes in favor of the proposition (50.67 percent) and 1,173 votes against (49.33 percent). As of Thursday, the elections office has received 2,380 ballots from 6,393 registered voters, or 37.23 percent.

Though the issue of whether or not to keep the library under local control has been sometimes hotly debated in the local community in the weeks leading up to the election, votes counted so far don't necessarily reflect that. Here's a look back at some other elections in the last few years and what the turnout numbers were:

  • November 2011: 3,244 ballots cast of 6,262 registered voters, or 51.8 percent
  • November 2010: 4,172 ballots cast of 6,014 registered voters, or 69.37 percent
  • November 2009: 3,156 ballots cast of 6,040 registered voters, or 52.25 percent

Validation of Enumclaw's Proposition No. 1 requires a simple majority. According to county elections spokesperson Barbara Ramey, that means 50 percent plus 1, so Thursday night's margin of 32 is wide enough for a clear election result at the time of certification, assuming no big changes in ballot count.

Ramey told Patch Thursday morning based on uncertified results at the time that none of the races in the April 17 election look poised for a recount though parties can still request a recount -- and pay for them.

Click here to visit King County Elections for more information.

BOB LAFLEUR May 06, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Just over 1% to pass, not a clear mandate, but enough to pass. The problem that I had and still have is the 50 year part of the agreement. I will not be around to see the end results of this, but I still feel that the people of Enumclaw will live to regret this move.
BadMath June 08, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Bob, I feel you are right. I live in Renton, and our vote to go to KCLS was only won by 43 votes. Kind-of makes you wonder. Anyway, before KCLS took over, we had a wide selection of books and movies available on the shelf. Any movie, if a new release, was only a month wait. After KCLS took over, our taxes more then doubled. They started what they call "weeding" books off shelves - literally throwing away books. They removed our security beeper - so books/movies/music now just walk out (stolen) without any consequences. (When confronted, Bill Ptacek claimed it is cheaper just to keep buying material as opposed to paying for loss prevention.) We have no movies left on our shelves, part due to theft, part do to the fact movies are now available to all of King County, instead of just Renton residents. I typically have to wait over a year to get a current release. Now, as they build Bellevue a $10 million dollar parking garage, they plan to cut our main library branch down to half its size. I was hoping Enumclaw residents would see the light, but now it is too late. You have lost control of your library and your taxes will increase. It is a sad day.


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