Craft Bazaar at Black Diamond Elementary Saturday to Support Technology Enhancements

The Black Diamond Elementary PTA is holding its fifth annual bazaar on Saturday where proceeds help to pay for new technology in the classrooms.

Black Diamond Elementary, like all schools in the Enumclaw School District, has benefitted greatly from the voter-approved technology levy that has made it possible for all classrooms to be outfitted with interactive boards and various learning equipment. But the school's parent-teacher association wants to do more to support enhancements at the school, which is why one of its main goals this year is helping to pay for more technologies. The holiday bazaar is a step toward helping the PTA meet its financial goals.

According to Karrie Hildebrand, PTA treasurer as well as co-chair of this year's bazaar:

The first thing we’re doing is paying for the Sound Systems at Black Diamond Elementary, and we’re three quarters of the way there! The Sound Systems are used by the teachers every day, and it has been described as “every child having a front row seat.” Each child can hear instructions and directions, as though they were in the front row! The teachers don’t have to repeat themselves, or raise their voices to be heard. The children don’t have to ask questions because they don’t hear, and the more shy children don’t have to make mistakes because they didn’t hear the instructions but are too afraid to ask. Class time runs much more smoothly and efficiently. There really are so many benefits to the Sound Systems, it is amazing to see it in the classrooms.  The Sound Systems include 4 speakers, the teacher’s microphone (that is worn around the neck), microphones that students can use, an amplifier, and installation.  Each Sound System costs $1,500 (per classroom). Our PTA has already paid for 2nd through 5th grades, and we plan to have Kindergarten and 1st grade paid for this year! 

Several home-based businesses and local hand-crafters will be on hand at the bazaar Saturday, Dec. 8 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Black Diamond Elementary, including Scentsy, Avon, Usborne Books, Mary Kay and Tupperware. For more information, check out their event listing on Patch.


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