EHS Students Team up with Gamblin Motors for Car Clinic

About two dozen people attended a clinic at the Enumclaw High School auto shop Monday that provided practical information and demonstrations for everyone who gets behind the wheel.

A tweet on Twitter tends to get celebrities in trouble, but out here in Enumclaw, it's proving to be a nifty way to get in touch and even get invites to cool events.

Such was the case for us Monday. Tyson Gamblin, the Web guru for , sent us a tweet last week advising us they'd be hanging out with Enumclaw High School students and putting on a car clinic presentation to provide practical advice on things like what to do in case you get into an accident, how to change a flat tire and even what all the little lights on the dashboard mean.

The clinic was actually a DECA project put together by sophomores Kristy Wheeler and Toni McCoy and freshmen Angie Main and Kara Vanderford. 

Wheeler explained the project came about when Gamblin came and spoke at her first period DECA class. He posited the project idea and Wheeler grabbed hold of it enthusiastically, believing it'd be a practical thing for her as well. "I grew up around cars but then I don't know how to change a flat tire," she said. 

Vanderford said she jumped at the chance to work on the project in order to get a good foundation -- and a nice set of transcripts -- ready for college. "I want to be more involved in school," she said. And with driving in her future as well, the clinic was useful in that respect too, she said.

Dan Duncan, a parent who brought his 16-year-old son Kevor to the clinic, said he found the presentation helpful. With Kevor soon to be a licensed driver, Duncan said it couldn't hurt to make sure his son had the basics down like how to change a flat tire. Many times, there is a lack of parental involvement when it comes to teen driving. "Kids jump into the cars and they don't have a clue," he said.

Gamblin told us this clinic follows a successful 'Ladies Night' clinic the dealership hosted last July in which men were banned and the ladies of the household - the ones that make a lot of purchasing decisions for the family - were given free reign to technicians and specialists to get their questions answered about vehicle maintenance. 

The event was so successful that Gamblin aims to host another 'Ladies Night' on Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. Stay tuned for more details on that.

And if you were wondering, you can find Enumclaw Patch on Twitter as well at http://www.twitter.com/EnumclawPatch


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