Enrollment Better than Projected as School Board Approves Latest Donations and Funding

A summary of news from the Enumclaw School Board meeting Monday, Sept. 17.

As state and federal funding for local school districts are dependent on enrollment numbers, Enumclaw School District appears to be trending upwards this new academic year.

District business and operations director Tim Madden told the Enumclaw School Board Monday that this year so far, actual enrollment exceeded projected numbers by about 50 students. Total district enrollment currently stands at 3,800.

Superintendent Mike Nelson added that kindergarten has seen an additional 15 students in each of the last two years.

"We're cautiously optimistic that we've turned a corner regarding the reductions we've seen in the last few years," Madden said.

Meanwhile, the Board approved a slew of state and federal entitlement grants Monday for this academic year that were made possible thanks to the work of district staff in compiling and end-of-year reports on student progress, Nelson said.

They included:

  • Carl D. Perkins Grant $20,154
  • Federal Funds for Special Ed Preschool $28,758
  • Federal Funds for Special Ed IDEA-B $870,377
  • Highly Capable Students Program $39,586
  • Learning Assistance Program $367,009
  • State Transitional Bilingual Program $142,941
  • Title I Program $346,822
  • Title II - Teacher/Principal Training & Recruiting $132,798
  • Title III - Limited English Proficiency $29,634

In addition to the grants, two donations were also approved:

  • $727.95 to Kibler Elementary from SchoolStore.com
  • $5,000 from Louise Poppleton to the Phillip Poppleton Scholarship at Enumclaw High School

Phillip Poppleton passed away earlier this year, route: {:controller=>"announcements", :action=>"show", :id=>"phil-poppleton-celebration-of-life"} -->. Nelson noted that this scholarship would fit into the collection of local scholarship money that business owners and organizations have contributed to EHS over the years. Last year,


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