Enumclaw Community Invited to Event Wednesday to Reach out To Newtown, CT

Enumclaw High School will be a gathering place Wednesday afternoon for anyone who wishes to write a note or letter of support to the community of Newtown, CT.

The Enumclaw High School Commons will be open Wednesday afternoon to all students and staff, as well as members of the public, to come in and write notes and letters of support and encouragement that will then be sent to the people of Newtown, CT.

The announcement was released as part of the high school bulletin today. Enumclaw Schools Superintendent Mike Nelson further explained during the School Board meeting Monday night that the initiative was inspired by the family of Rachel Scott, the first person killed in the Columbine High School shooting of 1999 who later began Rachel's Challenge.

"You always wonder 'what is it that I should do?'" Nelson said. The Scott family reportedly said the outpouring of support through simple messages helped to sustain them in their grief.

He shared the following excerpt distributed last Friday by Dana Scott, Rachel's sister:

Immediately following the horror we experienced at Columbine, our family became surrounded by the love and compassion of family, friends and even strangers worldwide. That love came in many different forms. It came in helping to cover the costs of funeral arrangements. It came with people leaving us dinners and food so my parents wouldn't have to cook. It came with people sending letters, emails, flowers and unbelievably thoughtful gifts to try to bring comfort. It came from people offering their support as counselors. It also came with people just being THERE for us. Not necessarily to offer advice, but just to cry with us. The grief was overwhelming, but so was the love and support. This is one reason why I am glad that we live in a country that cares about these families. I already know that millions of people from around the country and globe are going to reach out to offer their words of encouragement, financial blessings, thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine what losing Rachel would have been like if nobody seemed to care, but there were so many people willing to help and just be there. Those people were light in the midst of tragedy.

Paper, pens, and envelopes will be provided. Members of the public will need to check in at the main office during school hours prior to entering the Commons area.


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