Enumclaw High School Homecoming King and Queen Crowned

The night of glamor and pageantry culminated with the selection of seniors Tony Chynoweth and Jennifer Hogan as this year's Homecoming King and Queen.

Enumclaw High School seniors Tony Chynoweth and Jennifer Hogan were crowned as this year's Homecoming King and Queen, respectively, during Wednesday evening's coronation ceremony.

The duo were chosen out of 10 seniors who were interviewed by a panel of judges and then drew one more question to answer spontaneously before the crowd of proud families and friends. The students' answers were humorous, thoughtful but always reflected their heart.

  • Evan Absolor:His first and second year Spanish teacher was the most influential educator in his life.
  • Tony Chynoweth: Playing basketball for Enumclaw would be one of his favorite legacies as a student.
  • Bryson Grant: He'd like to conquer his fear of heights.
  • Caleb Gwerder: He'd be a cheetah if he had to be an animal - they're fast but patient.
  • Perry Rockwood: He'd like to have dinner with his grandfather, who passed away before he could know him.
  • Juliet Bannerot: Credits a costume and makeup artist for inspiring her to let go on the stage and in life.
  • Julia Hines: She wouldn't want to switch lives with anyone - her life was hers to life and she wouldn't change anything about it.
  • Jennifer Hogan: Her determination is her greatest strength while her inability to say 'no' is one of her shortfalls.
  • Katie Holland: Her lifelong goal is to have a family.
  • Dustin McGonegle: If she had to put a time capsule of her life together with just two items, they'd be cherished photographs and her soccer cleats.

They were joined by their underclassmen royalty:

  • 9th grade: Kendall Armstrong and Eric Hamel
  • 10th grade: Ciara Birney and Ben Cross
  • 11th grade: Jensen Dolliver and Jorge Espinosa

Want to meet the new King and Queen? Come out during this Friday's Homecoming parade on Cole Street downtown. The parade begins at 4 p.m. Then, head over to Enumclaw Stadium (Pete's Pool) and support the Hornets as they take on visiting team Auburn Mountainview at 7 p.m.


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