GRCC Foundation Gets Funding Boost for Financial Awards, Assistance for Students

The Green River Community College Foundation recently received donations of more than $150,000 from College Spark and from the Auburn Rotary Club which translates into scholarships and other financial assistance for students.

Ten Green River Community College students from Enumclaw were awarded scholarships from the GRCC Foundation for the upcoming academic year, and thanks to new donations the foundation received this summer that exceed $150,000, it's possible more students could be eligible for financial assistance in the near future.

According to Katie Rose, a spokesperson for the college, the foundation received a $150,000 gift from College Spark, which in Washington state funds programs that help low-income students through college. It also received another $10,000 from the Auburn Rotary Club, which has been supporting the foundation with $10,000 per year for the last 20 years and this year reached its $200,000 mark.

The funds supply need-based and academic scholarships while also supporting the 'safe fund.' "The college's 'safe fund' provides small gifts to students in good academic standing who run into a financial hurdle," Rose said. "Oftentimes, those small bills stand in the way of students trying to complete their education here. The 'safe fund' is designed to help those students over that hurdle so they stay in school." (Click here to read more about GRCC's 'safe fund' program.)

Proceeds from the College Spark donation amount will not be available for spending until 2013-2014, according to Rose. However, 'safe funds' are provided as needed, with a referral from college faculty or staff.

For the upcoming 2012-13 academic year, the following students from Enumclaw received scholarships to attend GRCC (and they range in age from 18 to 46):

  • Maria Barrera (Gates Family Scholarship)
  • Caroline Bellinger
  • Mackenzie Mason
  • David Schiff (David Bender Memorial Mathematics Scholarship)
  • Nicholas Stoppard (Rottler Manufacturing Company Scholarship)
  • Kathy Weibl
  • Sandra Wells
  • Elisabeth Went (Enumclaw Insurance Group Vance Fredrickson Achievement Scholarship)
  • Ashlety Weigand
  • Roanne Wilder

*This year, Nathan Lenhart of White River High School was awarded the Jane Clare Gattavara Scholarship.

The Foundation has a limited number of scholarships available for Winter and Spring quarters 2013. The deadline for Fall Quarter scholarships has already passed. For more information on eligibility and how to apply, visit http://www.greenriver.edu/about-grcc/foundation/scholarships.htm, call 253-288-3330 or email foundation@greenriver.edu.


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