Five Year-Round Recreational Gold Mines at Enumclaw's Doorstep

It may take a while before temperatures truly warm up, but check out these opportunities to get outdoors during any time of year.

The 410 Recreation Corridor

Enumclaw is lucky to be connected to a wonderland of recreational activities just up state Route 410.  The summer season lends itself to world-class mountain biking and hiking right off of the highway.  Skookum Flats, White River Trail and the Palisades will rock your socks with their beautiful forest views and raw northwest terrain.  This time of the year, throw your skis or boards in your car and head up to Crystal Mountain.  This year Crystal Mountain is getting dumped on because of our beautiful La Nina winter.  More snow is expected this week!

the Peak

There is nothing better than having our own little mountain to climb right outside of town.  Its technical name is Pinnacle Peak, but locals just call it Mount Peak as in, “I just did Mount Peak. Want to get a beer?”  It is like this sweet little mountain was put here to keep the people of Enumclaw in shape and provide a quick escape from the humdrum stress of daily life.  There are a bunch of different routes up the hill, and one can find beautiful views of Mount Rainier from the east side.  There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothes, so get some good gear and get up The Peak.  (Read Patch's recent about Mount Peak.)

Deep Lake

Technically, it is called , but locally it is known as “Deep Lake.” Located off of Veazie Cumberland Road SE a few miles out of town, this nice little park provides opportunity for a variety of recreational activities.  Grab a canoe and take a cruise around the lake.  It can be serene and there are plenty of birds and fish to be seen from the solitude of your ship.  There  are 117 acres of park, along with 7,174 feet of accessible shoreline.  A 2.1-mile trail circles the lake and is perfect for a nice stroll or a two-lap trail run.  Deep Lake has plenty of picnic spots and beautiful trees.  This place is great for a family or a solo cruise.

Editor's Note: Be sure to check out Patch's upcoming outdoors column bringing you a closer look at Deep Lake.

The 70 Road

About 18 to 19 miles out of town, an eastern jaunt along state Route 410 leads you to a left hand turn onto Forest Service Road 70.  This is a sweet little spot with a wide variety of recreational opportunities.  This time of year, a person will need a set of snowshoes to take on the Greenwater and Echo Lakes Trail off the 70 Road.  Clear water and gigantic Douglas firs and cedars will clean your mind.  If you like motors, load your sleds on your trailers and explore miles upon miles of snow-covered roads and trails.  Make sure you purchase a Sno-Park permit prior to parking your vehicles and trailers along the road. (Click the following link for more information about the Forest Service office in Enumclaw.) The has been dishing out tickets like candy. 

Black Diamond Mountain Bike Trails

These trails are about eight miles out of town on state Route 169.  They made the list because of their extreme coolness.  There are miles and miles of trails that have been constructed and maintained by various groups.  A mountain biker can find all levels of trails around here.  There are structures to ride on and a person can explore and even get lost for hours.  Some sections are a tangle of complex weaving trails and others are nice loops that have been well laid-out.  There are dirt jumps and sections of downhill.  All in all, this place offers year-round mountain biking right in our back yard.  For more information on these trails go to the website of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

Joe Otto January 10, 2011 at 08:04 PM
I am addicted to all five of the "Gold Mines" listed in this article, in fact, I'll be at Crystal later this week partaking in some of that sweet La Nina pow pow on my fatros! Great article! It's time to take away the "horse town" brand and give Enumclaw the brand it deserves - Rec. Town.
James Montgomery January 15, 2011 at 09:10 PM
This great article barely scratches the surface of the multitude of recreational opportunities that lie within a stone's throw of the Plateau. Two (that's right, 2) entrances to Mt. Rainier National Park are within a 45 minute drive of Enumclaw that, along with three designated wilderness areas (the Clearwater, Norse Peak and William O. Douglas provide world class wilderness experiences. Closer to home we've got access to Sun Top Lookout, Buck Creek Recreation Area, Evans Creek ORV, several (unconnected) sections of the Foothills Trail area and too many others to list in this post. I can only agree with Mr. Otto's sentiments that this area should be branded as one that has many recreational amenities to offer of which equestrian use is but one.
Bridget gelsvik January 02, 2013 at 08:39 PM
Is the old gold mine haunted?


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