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Local author sells first novel on Amazon.com

Suzanne Popp Publishes First Novel

Art lovers of the Plateau are familiar with the work of painter, Suzanne Popp, whose art was shown in the gallery at Enumclaw City Hall (2012). Many members of Plateau Area Writer’s Association have enjoyed her poems and the writer’s critique group held at her home. Church members and service organizations have supported the compassionate work of Suzanne, and her husband, Ken, over the past 16 years providing educational opportunities to young women in Africa , a work that changes lives. 

And now there is a new accomplishment, Suzanne's first novel, The Bride Price has been published.

First Novel About Africa

Nation 9 in Kirkland published her first novel The Bride Price in December 2012. It is a poignant tale of the extreme sacrifices, survival and obedience of African women based on Suzanne's intimate knowledge and understanding of their lives. It is a book that is already selling well and receiving much praise on Amazon.com where it is available as a download on Kindle or as a paperback book. A positive reviewer on Amazon wrote about Suzanne’s book the following:  “This is the Best book I have read this year! The author's vibrant descriptions of life in an African village will make you feel you are breathing the same air as her heroine. I found myself captivated by the spirit of this young girl, who despite overwhelming adversities, continues to hope for a better future for herself and her family. You will not be able to put this book down.”

Suzanne has poured out her heart in this dramatic tale of more truth than fiction. Because she serves as a director of VillageSteps, the charity founded by her family for the education of orphans and vulnerable children, especially girls, she has been able to channel her impressions and insights into a creative masterpiece, a book she hopes will make a difference in the lives of these young women. She and her husband, Ken, have also deepened their understanding of human endurance working with Global Village, the international branch of Habitat for Humanity, building houses for families and vulnerable children in Africa. This commitment in their lives reflects through her remarkable novel.

How Suzanne Got To Africa

Suzanne and her husband Ken first went to Africa through the Peace Corps following graduation from college. In West Africa, she taught English and African literature at a Post Secondary Teachers Training College in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana which borders the Ivory Coast to students 18 to 45 years of age. During the vacation periods, she traveled over 16,000 miles overland in Central, East and Northern Africa by native transport, and witnessed the rapid change of governments from colonial occupation to independence. As a woman, she gained admittance into the households of young wives and mothers of all beliefs; she shared in their joy and their hardships, and listened as they poured out their dreams of a better future to her.

God willing, Suzanne will continue to return to Africa many times, and be actively involved in the education of girls and vulnerable children, as well as building homes for those in need through her work with VillageSteps. Many organizations on the Plateau such as Rotary, Calvary Presbyterian Church and Plateau Outreach Ministries support this mission and have accompanied the Popps in building schools and deep water wells at these schools in southern Africa.  A portion of the profits from her book are dedicated to VillageSteps.

Excerpt From Suzanne’s Book

The following excerpt is the first lines as the story unfolds at a heart beating pace as soon as you crack open the book:

 Chapter One: Christmas Break                       

  “Myrna awakened in her mother’s bed with a blanket wrapped around her. It was already light outside and the birds had stopped singing. Her body was sweating and her school jumper was bunched around her waist. Myrna smelled an odor unknown to her and couldn’t wait to wash herself. As her feet met the polished floor, she realized her school stockings were still on them. She walked towards the bathing house and was sore and stiff in her upper legs. Some cologne she didn’t recognize rose up as the cold water poured over her body. What had happened the night before? Her head was throbbing and her vision was blurred.  There was no one to ask about what had gone on since her brother and his fiancée had left, her mother and father were at the coast, and her sister Violet was visiting relatives.  Only her Uncle Dodge and his guest Festal were in the house and Myrna was too embarrassed to ask them what had happened and why she was sleeping in her parents’ bed. When she was clean, she gathered her clothes and went to the small room that she shared with her sister Violet and sat on the mat and began to put on her chitenge and a tee shirt. She was crying and could not stop.”

 At Amazon You can get the book to download onto Kindle, or order the paperback.

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dexterjibs December 27, 2012 at 03:23 AM
So Kimberly, I am curious about your thought process. Fellow Americans work hard at companies that sell books, but these companies are not considered "local book stores". You would not give financial support to fellow Americans that work at large companies just because they are not working at a "local book store"? And, you would pass up a good book for the sake of making a point? I can't figure out if liberals are laughable or detestable.
Susan Etchey December 27, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Ignore the attention seeker!!! I like The Sequel, too! Poetry readings every third Friday of the month!
Kimberly Fleming December 27, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Thank you again Susan. As far as you go dexterjibs, calling me a liberal is even funnier considering I am a member of the Young Republican Party. But that's ok, you do assume way to many things and hide behind Rush's picture! I do like Amazon and do shop there, but there are so many Mom and Pop stores that have built this great Nation of ours that can not compete against the likes of the big box stores. Mom and pop stores put in over 80 a week and put their heart and soul into them, and because of them, allows us, as a nation to have a choice in what we chose to buy, and not be controlled by the big box stores. And you are right, people do work hard at those companies that sell books, (Amazon), but try to get the personal touch from a mom and pop store, won't happen. So, in short Dexterjibs, I do support large coorporations, I do buy at big box stores, but I support the local business that make up the bulk of hard working Americans. Enough said!
Mary L. Ballard, MD December 28, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Kimberly, thank you for reading my book, "Revealed," which was made available at the Sequel Bookstore in Enumclaw, Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords. The Sequel has been very supportive of me and was aware that my book was also available at the other locations. In town, I advise everyone to purchase from the Sequel and I would be happy to sign it personally at my nearby office. Go back and read my blog post on Climate change, then you will agree that it is best to ignore dexterjibs' attention seeking behavior.
dexterjibs December 29, 2012 at 05:12 AM
Thanks for the clarification, Kimberly. If you read your original post, it really sounds like you drew a line in the sand. It sounded like you were willing to not read a potentially good book because it was not being sold in small book stores. I just questioned that type of thinking. I understand supporting small businesses, but sometimes big stores are needed toi supply some things. As far as your poltical affiliation, I don't recall asking that, so it is irrelevent to me. I was commenting about liberalism. And to see how destructive liberalism is in a free society, just read Mary Ballard's blog about global warming. Of course, since she is a narcissist, she has already told you to do that because that is what narcissists do.


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